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Five Mountains tea is based out of San Francisco. Products are ethically grown and organically harvested. All teas are Certified USDA Organic by CCOF, EU Certified Organic, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free and a FairTradeUSA Licensed Partner. Packaging is sustainable and the containers are 100% compostable/recyclable. 

Each container contains 15 tea sachets. 


Cedarberg Rooibos
Contents: Organic Long Cut Rooibos "Redbush Tea" (Aspalathus linearis)
Origin: Western Cape Mountains, South Africa
Profile: Bright Notes of Currant, Cedar & Grain
Attributes: Abundant Antioxidants
Caffeine: Naturally Caffeine-Free
Bergamot Black (Earl Grey)
Contents: Organic "Earl Grey" Zhu Ye Black Tea Cultivar Infused with Italian Bergamot Rind
Origin: Qi'Men County Garden, Anhui Province
Profile: Bold, Tawny, Citral
Attributes: Elevates Concentration, Revitalizing, Antioxidants
Caffeine: High Caffeine

Pacific Peppermint
Contents: Organic Peppermint Leaves (Mentha x piperita)
Origin: Cascade Valley Pacific Northwest
Profile: Sweet, Vibrant, Refreshing
Attributes: Soothing, Aids Digestion
Caffeine: Naturally Caffeine-Free

Nile Valley Chamomile
Contents: Organic Traditional Wild Chamomile (Matricaria Chamomilla), Ethically Grown, Single Origin
Profile: Floral, Apple & Melon Aromas
Attributes: Calming, Anti-Inflammatory
Caffeine: Naturally Caffeine-Free

Roasted Tender Branch
Contents: Organic Dark Rolled Wu'Long Tea Cultivar
Origin: Southern Yunnan Biodiverse Virgin Rainforest
Profile: Rich Notes of Toasted Sugarcane & Caramel
Attributes: Increases Metabolism, Balancing, Antioxidants
Caffeine: Medium Caffeine

Detox Pu'er
Contents: Organic Sun Ripened Shou Pu'er "Soft Gold" Broad Leaf Varietal Da'Ye Zhong Heirloom Tea Cultivar
Origin: Pu'er County, Simao District, Yunnan Province, Wild Crafted, Antique Tea Arbor, 2.5+ meters in height, deep reaching roots & broad limbs, 5,000+ ft. elev. 22° Lat.
Profile: Smooth, Earthy, Forest Aromas
Attributes: Detoxifying, Blood Cleansing, Antioxidants

Camellia Blossoms
Contents: Organic Tea Tree (Camellia sinensis) Flowers
Origin: Southern Yunnan Biodiverse Virgin Rainforest
Profile: Floral, Notes of Aprico
Attributes: Cleansing, Antioxidant-Rich
Caffeine: Naturally Caffeine-Free

Golden Valley Ceylon
Contents: Single Origin, Unblended Traditional Ceylon Cultivar, "The Jewel of Tea"
Origin: Private Estate, Ceylon, Sri Lanka
Profile: Rich, Bright, Ripe Tannins
Attributes: Stimulating, Antioxidants
Caffeine: High Caffeine

Jasmine Petal 
Contents: Organic Xiao Ye Green Tea Cultivar Infused with Double Petalled Jasmine
Origin: Gu Mountain, Fujian Province
Profile: Lush, Floral Spring Aromas
Attributes: Increases Metabolism, Antioxidants
Caffeine: Mild Caffeine

Heirloom White 
Contents: Organic (Bai Mu Dan) White Peony Tea
Origin: Southern Yunnan Biodiverse Virgin Rainforest
Profile: Herbaceous, Nutty, Mineral Tones
Attributes: Uplifting, Cleansing, Antioxidants
Caffeine: Mild Caffeine
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